Resting your Back is NOT just Lying Down !

When resting your back, the common assumption is that we should stop everything and lie down! However, how you rest your back depends on what you spend  most of your time doing – we are not all the same!

If you’re sitting down all day for instance in an office, then ‘rest’ means introducing movement! Get up regularly from sitting, walk regularly, take breaks, use a chair with active movement, or I’m especially keen on a sit-stand desk which would be the most ideal.

On the other hand, if you stand all day, resting your spine may in fact mean sitting for short periods, even ‘minute’ breaks can release the muscles that tighten when standing.  During breaks, going for a proper walk to help the back muscles move fully, or lying down if a quiet space can be found, are ideal.

Why Rest our Backs?

Mostly because we’re in pain (otherwise we don’t worry about it)

To prevent the back from tightening up or becoming locked

To relax the muscles and reduce tension

To improve mobility

Resting your back  – put simply is a change of activity!

For further advice drop in to the clinic and see me or visit our website for more handy tips!

Jeremy English

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