Beauty Therapy

Today more than ever it is essential that we protect our bodies from the harsh effects of pollution in the environment and the stress and strain we put our bodies though in the rigours of everyday life. Regular treatments have become a necessity to reversing this process of premature ageing. All treatments use the highest quality products: from the finest oils for massaging to special facial preparations uniquely selected to suit your skin type. Below is a list of treatments available, clicking on a treatment will reveal a more detailed explanation.

Contouring to enhance the brow line. Well-shaped eyebrows give definition to the face and accentuate the eyes.
The cosmetic effect of eyelash/eyebrow tinting emphasises and enhances the lashes with intensified colour. Lasts 4 – 6 weeks. This treatment dyes the eyelashes /eyebrows using vegetable dye. In case of allergy a 24-hour patch test is required before treatment due to dye being applied to the eyes. (The patch test is essential if the client has not previously had this treatment with Wendy Bateman).
Eyelash/eyebrow tinting is ideal all year round or for holidays and special occasions. Excellent for fair/red haired people!
For the most important day of your life, the pre-trial is used to select the correct colours for your wedding day, allowing you to feel radiant and confident. On the wedding day, make up takes approximately 30 minutes as all the colours and techniques have already been pre-arranged.
Wedding day pre-trial: The initial consultation lasts approximately 1-1.5 hours. Wendy will examine the bride’s skin tone and colouring, listens to her suggestions for colours, check the colours of the wedding flowers/dresses etc and then, with the bride, decide on the colours for the day and apply the make-up. Following the consultation all make-up and colours used are noted ready for the wedding day.
Electrolysis is a permanent method of the removal of unwanted hair. A thorough free consultation is given before treatment when approximately 8 hairs are removed. This allows the client to experience the sensation of electrolysis and also to check how the client’s skin is reacting.
After a course of electrolysis, repeat treatment is only required once or twice a year.
Improves skin texture and appearance. Includes massage to face, neck and shoulders.
Glycolic Acid is a natural ingredient derived from sugar cane. Studies show that glycolic acid helps to loosen or break up the thick outer horny layer of the skin where excessive build-up of dead skin cells can be associated with many common skin conditions. Most problems that respond to glycolic acid have a build up of dead skin cells, whether it occurs in the follicle in acne prone skin, or in aged, dry, thickened skin. After using glycolic acid the skin is more permeable to other products. There is a degree of restructuring of the epidermis and dermis, and it also stimulates collagen production.
A client must be using a key product containing glycolic acid for 2 weeks prior to a glycolic acid facial peel treatment. Products are available from the clinic prior to your apppointment. The skin should appear and feel much softer and smoother after a course of Glycolic facials.
RVB, an Italian product, is the number one skincare product in Italy. All natural ingredients are used with no animal testing. There is a choice of 3 facials. This new range of facials offers a relaxing and pampering treatment, as well as enhancing the skin’s appearance.They are designed to gently balance skin types using active plant ingredients.
(1 hour) For skin that has become dulled by environment and internal influences.
(1 hour) A comprehensive facial incorporating deep cleansing and application of specific active complexes, followed by a lymphatic drainage massage and mask.
(1 hour 20 mins) As above including facial enzymatic peel, a back exfoliation, lymphatic drainage back massage, hand exfoliation and massage.
A manicure involves filing and shaping the fingernails, applying cuticle-nourishing cream to the nail matrix to encourage healthy nail growth. Both lower arm and hands are massaged with hand cream, and finishing by either buffing the nail plate or painting the nails using Revlon nail enamel. Treatment is recommended once a week. This is not purely a cosmetic treatment; it encourages stronger nails and promotes healthy nail growth
A pedicure offers a relaxing treatment to refresh tired, neglected feet.
First the feet are soaked in a foot spa with aromatherapy oil followed by the superficial removal of hard skin on the base of the foot. The foot and lower leg are then exfoliated with an aromatherapy foot scrub. Nails are cut, filed and conditioned and the cuticles removed. Finally the nails are painted with your choice of Revlon nail enamel. Treatment is recommended every 3 weeks.