Exercise…but don’t HIT too Hard

Whilst I’m not against some HIT done sensibly, my advice is do something you enjoy, do it gently and regularly and then, when you’re fit enough then incorporate some HIT. If you’re not fit but find an exciting HIT class that inspires you then please start very gently.

Dangers of HIT:

1. Medical Conditions:  Obesity, Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure if you’re not in this category or, not sure, I would strongly suggest a medical check up first and please don’t HIT at maximum intensity you must keep safe!

2. Risk of joint or muscle strains.  Many fit sports people add HIT into part of their overall training routine, they warm-up, cool-down, prepare carefully and maintain good technique.

3. Risk of stopping exercise completely through injury, lack of motivation or confidence, especially if we strain ourselves and make the terrible assumption that ‘all exercise is bad for us.’ It’s not at all!  You may just need to go gently or find the right kind of exercise.

4. I’ve done my HIT training so I can sit all day! No.No. You will probably be fitter if you just get up from your desk regularly, use a sit-stand desk or use the stairs not the lift than doing your HIT.  Please don’t make this misguided judgement.

5. Develop long term tension with repetitive bad habits.  This is so easy if you don’t listen to your body and go mad!

I’m passionate about exercise too, for our health and backs.  I add my HIT by simply adding some short jogs up hill into my runs and when I cycle to work I stand out of the seat for short bursts – when I’m already warmed-up.

Come and see me if your interested in a back check or exercise advice,

Jeremy English

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