Private Medical Insurance (PMI) or funding for Chiropractic

I am registered with Bupa, Axa PPP and many other PMI companies who provide Private Health Insurance funding for Chiropractic Treatment, including Simply Health, AVIVA and CIGNA.  As each insurance company has its own guidelines, and as policies vary so much, it is best to confirm what your individual policy offers for Chiropractic treatment.

Providing a receipt for you to reclaim Chiropractic Fees

Some companies, Simply Health for example, require a valid receipt on a clinic letterhead for you to reclaim the fees yourself. I can print or better still e-mail your receipt after each treatment, however with a short compact course of treatments it is often simpler if you agree to reclaim these all in one statement when you are better and have finished treatment.

Direct funding of Chiropractic Fees by your insurance company

I am very happy if you wish your company to pay me directly so that you don’t need to pay for treatment.  It is important you have the questions below clarified and preferably email insurance details to me prior to treatment or bring them with you on your first visit:

Question for Direct Funding of Chiropractic Fees:

Your policy number
A treatment number or authorisation code for your current condition
A GP referral letter – if required (see below)
The extent of cover, either the number of treatments (often 6-8) or monetary limit
The timescale, expiration or completion date for the treatments.

*  I would advise confirming if there is any monetary excess that exists on your policy.

Will my condition be eligible for insurance cover? – Acute or Chronic?

As a general rule most insurance companies will cover your Chiropractic fees for Acute or short-term conditions, whilst Chronic or long-standing conditions are often not covered under their terms and conditions (Simply Health is an exception).  Sometimes it is clear which category your problem falls into, but at other times it is unclear – it may be an acute episode of a Chronic condition that should be covered.**

Is it worthwhile claiming through the insurance company or paying myself?

You may be unsure whether it is worth claiming the treatment fees through your insurance company if you have a simple condition that may settle quickly and requires minimal treatment, especially if there is an excess to pay.  I can discuss this with you on your first visit and advise you then whether I feel the condition is likely to settle quickly or may require more treatments. **

**If you are in doubt about either of the above two points I would be happy to discuss them with you beforehand. Please ring the clinic or send me an email;  I may even advise a free short assessment if required.

GP referral letters

A GP referral letter is sometimes required, but not always, so please clarify this with your insurance company.  If there is a wait to see your GP please inform your insurance company, as most will accept invoices with treatment dates pre-dating the referral letter, especially if you wish to start Chiropractic treatment as soon as possible, or have started treatment and were unaware your policy covered Chiropractic treatment.

Bupa now offers a telephone assessment with a musculo-skeletal advisor to pre-authorise treatment as an alternative to visiting your GP for a referral, to enable faster and simpler access to treatment.  For more information, please ring Bupa on 0845 6090111, or look at their website

Treatment cover limits – Excess Fees

My standard Chiropractic fees are £50 for the first visit and £40 for subsequent treatments. I have agreed with most insurance companies that they will pay this for each treatment. Some companies will not cover this fully, so there may be a small excess for you to pay.