Being Healthy, Staying Active!

I have been working as a Chiropractic for over 30 years and I am passionate about treating clients and helping them to be healthy and stay active.

Chiropractic can be very effective at finding the origin of back pain and relieving it in the long run. ‘I don’t know how my back pain started’ – does this apply to you? Most of my clients attend saying something like: ‘I just woke with the pain’ or ‘I got up from a chair’ or ‘I just bent down to the floor’. Even taking a detailed history, there seems no reason for the pain.

Helping clients out of the immediate pain

My aim is initially about helping clients out of acute pain, getting them back to work and lightening the cloud of misery and grouchy mood that accompanies the draining back or joint pain, sometime accompanied by sciatica, arm or sharp nerve pain.

Preventing the problem from returning

After the initial acute pain has settled, my focus is firmly based on helping prevent the problem from recurring. This is where my passion lies. There are usually causative factors, and it’s helping clients to make changes to their habitual patterns in their daily lives, to prevent the ‘silent strain’, that is most rewarding. This can hugely help the recurring episodes or the long-term chronic pain that many back sufferers know so well.

How many treatments are required?

It is difficult to assess how many treatments are needed until I have seen you to take a history and examination. Usually, the longer time the condition has been present, the longer it may take to get better. I always aim to give just the number of treatments required and often this may be just a few visits, but some conditions may require maintenance treatments. This is covered in more detail in Your First Chiropractic Visit.