Your back may have locked up, you can’t move, or are in extreme pain. Perhaps you’re at work or in an awkward place to be immobilised. Your neck may be locked to one side, or you may have acute chest pain and suspect you’re having a heart attack, thinking you need to go to hospital emergency… but please read this first. 

Stop and think 

Please don’t just rush to the hospital. Often this is not required in the first instance and many times clients report going to Accident & Emergency (A&E) only to wait for several hours before being sent home with painkillers and told to rest. You may not even get an X-ray or MRI scan if this is not indicated. We aim to reduce the pressure on the NHS, so will not advise going to hospital if there is no indication. 

Sometimes however, albeit rare, it is necessary for you to see your doctor or go to hospital immediately and we will certainly advise this if required or indicated. 

Please stop and think! Don’t rush to the hospital, give us a 📞 call first. 

You almost certainly won’t need to go to hospital if you’ve: 

  • Not had any major accident 
  • Your bowels and bladder are working fine 

Don’t panic! Try to relax, don’t rush to move, or just move very gently if you can. If you need to, try lying on your back to give the muscles time to relax. 

Please read my article on acute back pain.


Once again, don’t rush to the hospital; give us a 📞 call first. 


What To Do in an Emergency 

If you can’t get through to speak to us then Call 📞 NHS 111. If you do think your back pain is too severe, you’ve had a major trauma or you’re feeling medically unwell, then don’t wait to see if the symptoms go away: go to the hospital, but don’t try to drive yourself to the emergency room. Ask a friend, call a taxi or an ambulance. Please be safe!