What is the Alexander Technique?

The habits we form in the way we think and use our bodies can be harmful or ineffective, reducing our freedom of movement and freedom of choice. As we go about the activities of our daily lives it is easy to unconsciously use too much muscular effort.

The Alexander Technique is a movement re-education technique. It teaches us how to be more relaxed and effective in our daily activities, resulting in reduced back and neck pain and reduced tension related to poor posture. It can also help with co-ordination, movement, breathing and stress-related conditions.

How is the Alexander Technique taught?

The Technique can be taught on an individual basis or in small groups. During the lessons, Jeremy uses a gentle guiding touch to help the pupil discover ease and balance of movement in common activities such as walking, sitting and lying down.

Benefits of learning the Technique:

  • Greater balance, poise and co-ordination
  • Freedom and ease of movement
  • Improved body alignment
  • Release of unwanted tension and stress
  • Greater awareness and choice in what we actually do in our everyday activities
  • Alertness and unity of mind, body and spirit
  • Relief of discomfort and pain due to poor habitual movement

How can the Alexander Technique benefit your life?

  • Sport – Jeremy incorporates the Technique into sport including running, swimming, gym work or specific sport performances.
  • Performing Arts – The Technique has been used extensively in drama, music and dancing.
  • Workplace – Jeremy is keen to ensure that people are working in a healthy balanced way.
  • Pain – Whilst the Technique is not primarily a treatment for acute injuries, it can be extremely helpful in the management of chronic pain and in the rehabilitation and prevention of acute episodes. It is an ideal accompaniment or follow-on from Chiropractic or conventional treatments.
  • Driving – Correct sitting positions