Chiropractic TreatmentsPayment by Cash or Credit Card.

Consultation & Treatment: £60. Length 30 minutes, or longer if required
Subsequent Treatments: £50. Length 20-30 minutes*.

*Treatment length does vary a little. I like to ensure clients have a comprehensive treatment, so it does depend on the condition and what is required.

Alexander Technique – Lessons are £40. Length 30-40 minutes.

Reflexology – Please ring Teresa Murray on ‭07969 250034 or email

Consultation & First Treatment: £50. Length 75 minutes
Follow up treatment: £45. Length 50 minutes
Buy 6 sessions, receive 1 free.
Gift Vouchers Available

£50 p/session. Length 60 minutes
Buy 5 sessions get the 6th free.
Gift Vouchers Available