Jeremy English

Jeremy English Chiropractor

I am the first dually qualified Chiropractor and Alexander Technique Teacher in the UK. I have been practicing Chiropractic now for 34 years…

A caring and experienced approach

At the Back Care Clinic, I provide a gentle and attentive approach to Chiropractic treatment. Through 35 years of experience, I tailor the treatment to suit your needs, specialising in relieving back pain, headaches and more by getting to the root of the problem to help you keep active and stay healthy!

My clients describe me as caring and knowledgeable, and I am passionate about offering a personalised approach, making sure to take a detailed history, reduce the number of treatments required, and eliminate the problem long-term. Click below to see video testimonials from happy clients!

Helping clients out of the immediate pain

My aim is initially about helping clients out of acute pain, getting back to keeping healthy and staying active, and to lighten the cloud of misery and grouchy mood that accompanies the draining back or joint pain, sometimes accompanied by sciatica, arm or sharp nerve pain.

Preventing the problem from returning

After the initial acute pain has settled, my focus is firmly based on helping prevent the problem from recurring. This is where my passion lies. There are usually causative factors, and it’s helping clients to make changes to their habitual patterns in their daily lives, to prevent the ‘silent strain’, that is most rewarding. This can hugely help the recurring episodes or the long-term chronic pain that many back sufferers know so well.

How many treatments are required?

It is difficult to assess how many treatments are needed until I have seen you to take a history and examination. Usually, the longer time the condition has been there, the longer it may take to get better. I always aim to give just the number or treatments required and often this may be just a few visits, but some conditions may require maintenance treatments. This is covered in more detail in Your First Chiropractic Visit.

Chiropractic Treatment at the Back Care Clinic

I am very keen on postural advice, ergonomic and workstation set-up and environments, stress & tension, movement & rehabilitation, all to keep healthy and prevent the recurrence of injuries.

Introductory video

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Never tried Chiropractic before?

Chiropractic is a non-invasive, hands-on solution to back pain, headaches, injuries and more. It involves joint manipulation and muscle balancing techniques, together with exercise and postural advice.

Still unsure? Read what my happy clients have to say!

Have visited Jeremy several times for work-related issues with my back and neck and he has always managed to sort the problems in one or two visits. His approach is friendly and he always makes you feel relaxed. I regularly recommend Jeremy to my friends and colleagues in the area and will continue to do so. First rate service.

Duncan Curtis
Would highly recommend Jeremy. Recently had stiff neck causing headaches, Jeremy sorted this within 2 visits. Both my wife and I have used him in the past and are very happy with the care, compassion and his ability to heal. He puts you at ease with a clear explanation of the problems and the plan of action on what treatment is needed.
Michael McDonald

I’d never experienced such terrible back pain in my life but Jeremy responded straightaway to my urgent call for help. I’d never experienced chiropractic help before either: Jeremy, in a straightforward and caring way, did a fantastic job of calmly, professionally and precisely getting my back in working order in quite a short period of time, much to my relief. My back’s in great form now, thanks to Jeremy.

Liz Smale
Jeremy has been an amazing chiropractor. He’s an incredibly caring and supporting professional who has always provided me with the highest quality of service I’ve ever experienced. He’s taken care of me for over 6 years and not once has he failed to uphold the absolutely highest professional service possible. I highly recommend him.
Joanna B

Jeremy is very unique in his approach to treat injuries as he is also a qualified alexander technique teacher. I last saw him for treatment when my hamstring was strained and I could barely walk, after treatment I could put pressure on my leg again and by Friday I was ice skating again. Thank you!

Monica Higgins

I was going to Jeremy over the course of one year for treatment of chronic back and hip pain. I am much better now. After I continued the treatment, I felt energy and pain-free, and my general well-being improved. Jeremy is not rushing and listens to the patient. Very efficient. I recommend him!

Ubah Abdulkadir

Highly recommend Jeremy, who has supported my treatment and recovery for the past 15 years, for both upper back and pelvic issues experienced. 
Jeremy is very professional and helped me relieve pain and provided immediate results, as well as supporting my ongoing well being, by providing his expertise and guidance on approaches to manage issues as a result of office desk work. 
Jeremy is very flexible to support those urgent requests for treatment – which anyone with pain will know is always appreciated.

Lisa Birch

I have a history of lower back pain and this time I arrived in Jeremy’s clinic. After the first session I started immediately to see the positive results and by the end of the 2nd session I could say I was back to my normal life. I’ve had chiropractic treatments in the past and it took me about 15 session to be back to normal. I cannot recommend Jeremy enough.

Mirela Dinu

I had been suffering from internal upper back ache and rib pain for over 3 years, which was highly affecting my work. I was also having pain in my stomach which I had read could be connected to my back. I had visited a couple of osteopaths in the past but felt they were not getting to the real problem. So decided to try a chiropractor instead – after four sessions with Jeremy I couldn’t believe that I was pain free and all my symptoms had gone. I could tell instantly he was getting to the spots the osteopaths were not reaching. Highly recommend.

John Shayler

After my visit this morning I have so much more energy since my back pain is gone! Jeremy was very professional and informative about the treatment. 
Highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Magdalena Panasiuk

Went in as a skeptic but now would highly recommend Jeremy. He identified several problem areas immediately, worked on them and produced a significant improvement. I can now move much more freely. Great!

Sue Luff

Jeremy always gets to the crux of the problem, I’ve been going to him for ‘maintenance’ and resolution of acute problems as and when they have cropped up for what must be close to 20 years and I’ve never been dissatisfied…. neither have those people I’ve recommended see him. I now no longer live locally but always make sure I see him for a ‘top up’ when I visit the area.

Tony Bentley

The main conditions treated are

Lower Back Pain

Neck Pain


Sports Injuries

Other conditions commonly treated are: pelvic, hip & groin strains; whiplash & accidents; muscle aches & pains; arthritic pain & tension; shoulder, arm & hand pain.

Our Clinics

Our Back Care clinics are located in Watford, Hertfordshire and Hayes, Middlesex.

We are able to offer not only Chiropractic, but also other complimentary therapies such as the Alexander Technique, Life Coaching and Reflexology.