What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a way of re-training your mind, body and brain to improve posture and movement at the same time as reducing stress and tension.

How the Alexander Technique can improve your life

The technique will help change any bad postural habits and teach you to move with ease and less effort. Your co-ordination and balance will improve and you may find that speaking and breathing becomes easier.

This simple and practical method can be used to prevent and rehabilitate many conditions; it can also help you develop coping strategies for stress and pain.

Teaching you the skills you need

The Alexander Technique requires active participation from you with your teacher. Your teacher will assess your everyday movements through observation and touch, guiding you to a more relaxed and focused state of mind and body.

The skills you develop and learn with each session will stay with you forever. The Alexander Technique is a practical method for self-improvement and can enhance your resilience and body awareness.

How many sessions do you need? Well, that’s up to you – Jeremy can guide and teach you but it’s up to you to apply the skills and listen to your body.

Book an appointment today and learn how to feel lighter, relaxed and stress-free with little effort!

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