Reflexology massage on the feet

Reflexology is a complementary health therapy based on the theory that certain points (usually) on the feet correspond with specific areas on the body. Reflexologists do not claim to cure or diagnose medical problems, but by applying gentle pressure and massage on and around the feet, they hope to re-energize and re-balance the body.

Reflexology is tailored to the individual, so prior to treatment you and your therapist will discuss medical history, any concerns or questions and whether a course of treatments is necessary. Everyone reacts differently afterwards; some may feel sleepy, relaxed and calm while others may feel teary. However, most people nearly always report better sleep patterns, improved mood and sense of well-being.

Remember: reflexology won’t cure you, but it aims to relieve stress and tension by re-balancing the body.

So! Do you need de-stressing?

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Sessions held at the Watford Clinic; 798 St Albans Road, WD25 9NP

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