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We treat more than just bad backs!

The Back Care Chiropractic Clinic has treated over 14,000 patients since 1988.

We offer a safe, effective hands-on treatment which gets straight to the cause of the pain, and have been practicing in Hayes and Watford since 1990.

Did you know that 4 out of 5 of us will suffer with Back Pain at some stage in our lives?

That is why here at the Back Care Clinic our aim is to provide top class care to our patients and the local community, by focusing on the diagnosis, management, rehabilitation and prevention of injury.

From our clinics in Watford and Hayes Middlesex, we are able to offer not only Chiropractic, but a range of other complimentary therapies such as the Alexander TechniqueChiropody/Podiatry, Therapeutic Massage, Life Coaching and Reflexology.

At the Back Care Clinic we take great pride in our clinicians’ experience and we strive to stay up to date with new research in order to give our patients the very best care in helping to educate our patients to live healthy, active and pain free lives.

Also treating:

Neck Pain
Lower Back Pain
Hip & Groin Strain
Whiplash & Accidents
Headaches & Stress
Muscle Aches & Pains
Arthritic Pain & Tension
Shoulder, Arm & Hand Pain
Postural Advice
Stress & Tension
Movement & Rehabilitation
Workstation Assessment & Advice