The wonders of Chiropractic

4 out of 5 of us will have back pain at some stage.  It is very common and Chiropractic care can often help!

What inspires me first and foremost about my work as a Chiropractor is helping patients out of pain when there is a joint injury and muscle spasm.  This is where Chiropractic is most effective.

Treatment consists of joint manipulation along with deep or specific massage to reduce the associated spasm.  This is highly effective at getting the joints back on the road to recovery, and can often be achieved quite quickly.

Pain, though, is usually the result of a combination of factors: lifestyle stresses, repetitive strains, poor posture, or work habits, all of which slowly build up and weaken the back or joints. After this, a minor strain such as bending over, twisting wrongly or sneezing brings on the pain.  Clients can simply find themselves waking up in pain or have no idea what causes their problem.

Effective long-term treatment involves understanding the root causes then helping each client learn how to prevent the pain and discomfort by giving individual and specific exercises, lifestyles and postural advice.  The Alexander Technique also helps re-educate clients’ habit patterns and a few small changes can make all the difference for a pain-free future.

A recent survey of Chiropractic patients showed the two main benefits of treatment were reduced pain and increased mobility; increased mental well-being was also reported.  Although patients’ treatments were for a specific health problem, many saw it as a form of ‘maintenance’ to keep their spines in good shape and their health in balance.

Why not call the Back Care Clinic today and take the first steps towards a happy back?

Jeremy English

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