There is no difference between a chiropodist and a podiatrist. Podiatrist is the term used for chiropodists in other English speaking countries.

Chiropodists and podiatrists deal with the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of feet and are qualified to treat people with arthritis, diabetes, nail surgery and sports injuries. They work with people of all ages but play a particularly important role in helping older people to stay mobile and, therefore, independent.

 They can also treat and alleviate day-to-day foot problems including:

  • Toenail problems such as thickened, fungal or ingrown toenails
  • Verrucas
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Smelly feet
  • Dry and cracked heels
  • Flat feet
  • Bunions

Podiatrists can also supply orthotics, which are tailor-made insoles, padding and arch supports to relieve arch or heel pain. The orthotic device is put into your shoe to re-align your foot, take pressure off vulnerable areas or simply to make your shoes more comfortable.

Even if your feet are generally in good condition, it’s sometimes advisable to have a single session of podiatry to remove any hard skin, toenails clipped, or just to check that you’re looking after your feet properly.

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