Mouse shoulder is common in people who use computers for long periods. They often feel a deep ache in the neck, which usually spreads to the shoulder. It can take several weeks for it to develop but once established, can affect the user every time they use the mouse.

Tips to Reduce Mouse Shoulder

Mouse size – Check that it fits comfortably into the hand, or switch to a vertical mouse to reduce strain on the wrist.

Mouse position – Holding the mouse away from the body causes the upper back, neck and shoulder muscles to contract, so aim to keep the mouse close to the keyboard and use a mouse mat for ‘easy gliding’.

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Learn to use the mouse in your opposite hand.

Avoid quick, repetitive movements. Watch the wrist angle – use a track ball or vertical mouse and bring it closer to you.

Use function commands on the keyboard more frequently.

Repetitive strain is just that! So break up ‘mousing’ with other activities. Get up, move around and stretch.

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