The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has recently reported that 71% of people who have suffered with back pain over the last 10 years have never done anything to combat it.

Ignoring pain and hoping it will go away by itself is not the best treatment. Over 54% of people recognize that their pain comes from long periods of sitting in the same position, yet they still refuse to take breaks, walk around or stretch. The Office of National Statistics has found that sick days due to back pain have risen by 29% compared to last year.

Prevention is always better than cure

Modern lifestyles and advances in technologies put an ever-increasing demand on our backs and necks. By following just a few simple rules you can help prevent back pain and the BCA offers the following advice:

Keep active!
Every 20-30 minutes, walk around, change position and give your eyes and back a rest.

Don’t slouch in your seat. Make sure you sit upright in your chair.

Walk more. Take the stairs, leave the car/bus at home for short journeys; get active!

Drink more water. Limit your caffeine intake. Keep your body and brain hydrated and more alert from drinking water.


Back pain can be caused by a number of factors; lifting incorrectly, bad posture, sitting for too long, or it could it could be an indicator for something more serious. As a Chiropractor and Alexander Technique Teacher I’m passionate about looking after the back properly, so don’t wait for the pain to be unbearable; get it checked today. There is so much that can be done to help!

Jeremy English

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