New year, new me!

If one of your resolutions was to get fit or stay fit, then read on to ensure you stay motivated and reach your fitness goals quicker.

Tips for getting fit

Do something you enjoy and do it regularly! If you can’t think of any activity you enjoy, then explore and have a go at something new. Make it social so it’s fun.

Do not try to get fit in a week – it takes time. If you’ve managed to beat the inertia, don’t spoil things by over doing it. The most beneficial exercise is done at a gentle, increased heart rate, so don’t think you need to race or push yourself too hard. Many of my clients come for treatment as a result of rushing to get fit. This is frustrating, because it is so avoidable.

HIIT Training

Some Golden Rules

Go less far than you feel you can

Go slower than you think necessary

Go little & often but keep it up!

Pregnancy and Back Pain
Do you wake up with back pain?

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