Feeling stiff? Joints sore? You’re not alone!

Like tooth decay, degeneration of your joints starts without you knowing and it happens to us all.  It is the general wear and tear of a lifetime resulting in stiffness and pain – called, among other names, arthritis, spondylitis and rheumatism.

Whatever name it is given, joint degeneration cannot be reversed. Commonly there is extra stress placed on joints surrounding an arthritic joint and these can be the source of more discomfort.  Chiropractic can help by restoring normal function and balancing the work placed on the joints (‘spreading the load’), thereby reducing the stress placed on the degenerative joints. There is no magic cure, but improving flexibility and reducing pain with Chiropractic treatment can help symptoms.

It’s my favourite theme, I know, but maintaining a gentle active lifestyle is so important when it comes to joint degeneration. For all of us it is about adapting to suit our own limitations and finding that important balance between exercising and straining the joints.

Life itself is a balancing act – many activities can be healthy in small doses, yet damaging in larger doses.  Learning to find what works for each of us is so important.  Alexander Technique can be a very ‘useful’ tool to help us keep relaxed yet still active and complements Chiropractic muscle and joint treatment, which can be very helpful for treating wear and tear.

Whatever you do, activity is the key – why not call the clinic so that we can help you achieve this?

Jeremy English

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