Anybody who knows me will know I love gadgets! The technological advances made in the last few years are staggering and the benefits to us are all undeniable.  I wasn’t surprised to read, though, that back pain among 18-24 year olds is becoming commonplace. A report by Simply Health found that out of 3000 young adults – a whopping 84% – reported back pain in the past year. That’s no surprise given that, on average, 8.83 hours of a young person’s day is spent in front of a screen.

‘iPosture’ is not an app, but if I could design one that helps us not to slouch or adopt the harmful positions we get ourselves into when using a tablet or phone, I would.  Perhaps it would shut your device off if you loaf about excessively, or just tell you to go for a walk?

How can we minimise ‘iPosture?’

Firstly, being aware you are slouching is half the battle! Here are some tips:

  • Vary how you work or sit. Don’t lie on the bed or sofa too long! After every hour, stand and move your body and eyes.
  • Move if you’re in pain.
  • Make sure your device is at eye level – don’t look down too much, or use a laptop or iPad stand.
  • Regularly alternate the hand you use to avoid tennis elbow or repetitive strain.
  • If you’re on long voice calls when working on the PC, use a headset – they are much better for your neck!

These few simple points could be all it takes to relieve niggling back pain. For more advice, why not call the BackCare Clinic? Jeremy English is a Chiropractor and Alexander Technique Teacher and back pain specialist who especially enjoys correcting postural habits.

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