“I had been experiencing niggling back pain most mornings for quite a while which would feel much better once I was up and moving about – but never bad enough to do anything about it. On holiday I had been for a short run and then slumped on the beach bed feeling virtuous, when out of the blue, on attempting to stand, I experienced my first ever searing back pain. On return from holiday, I went to seek Chiropractic treatment from Jeremy.

Having enjoyed working at the Back Care Clinic for several years, and heard many clients talk about treatment, I was curious!

Jeremy asked a lot of questions about my pain and medical health. I then changed into a gown and after some movement tests and feeling of the back, Jeremy quickly located a few sore spots and identified the problem. He was able to reassure me that there were no signs of anything serious, and that it was a very common strain to the pelvic joint.

After this we got down to business and the treatment began…manipulation! Jeremy placed me on my side and asked me to relax – before I knew it, I suddenly felt my spine pop and crack. It was most certainly not painful; unusual, maybe, but not painful.

After some deep tissue massage (which was slightly painful as Jeremy did hit the tight spots), my treatment had finished. My back felt so much looser and I could go from sitting to standing without needing to pull myself up on nearby furniture. I was given clear instructions to help the back to continue to relax and after a number of days, my back felt completely normal – no pain at all and I’m now back to my running that I love.

So please, if you’re nervous, as I definitely was, don’t let that you stop you seeking treatment – speaking for myself, it wasn’t that bad!”

Sarah Stroud

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