A recent study published in the European Health Journal* showed that standing up, even for a minute at a time, can help improve our health, reduce our waistlines and lead longer, healthier lives – and it’s so easy! If this sounds too good to be true, then read on!

Ways to keep active in day-to-day life

  • Take frequent breaks to stretch your legs. In the office, centralise the rubbish bins and printers so you need to walk to them, go to the lavatory on a different level and use the stairs.
  • Walk to see a colleague, rather than phoning or e-mailing.
  • Get a drink (water preferably), with the added benefit that you’ll also get up again to relieve your bladder more frequently!
  • Go outside and take a quick walk around the block.
  • If you’re having a one to one meeting ask if you can ‘walk and talk’, even if it’s for just part of the meeting.
  • Cordless head sets are invaluable – not only do they allow you to stand and talk, they’re better for your posture and neck!
  • Ever thought about having a height-adjustable desk? These can allow you to stand and work for frequent short periods.
  • Set reminders in your computer diary to gently remind you to stand.

*Based on research from Dr Genevieve Healy – 2010 Queensland whose work links prolonged sitting to obesity, high blood sugars and blood fats, and premature death, regardless of any other exercise undertaken.  Her current research on reducing sedentary time hopes to improve workplace policies and office design.

Several clients already this year have attended with back pain related to inactivity and sitting. If you need treatment then do not hesitate to book an appointment, get it sorted today!

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