It’s the holiday season! Be it travelling overseas or visiting places in the UK, there’s one thing for sure – packing is inevitable.

While we spend time thinking of what to take, we don’t give too much thought of having to lift, carry and store our luggage when travelling.

Holidays for many can result in painful memories and strenuous experiences instead of relaxation and enjoyment due to strains and injuries incurred from struggling with luggage and incorrect lifting.

Here are some handy tips to help you avoid unnecessary injuries while handling your luggage this half term:

Buy the lightest case you can and ensure it has wheels.  Always check the weight of the empty case – looks can be deceiving.

Pack two lighter cases rather than one heavy one. Distributing the weight across two cases will make them easier and safer to carry.

Push, don’t pull, your case in front of you if it is has wheels as pulling can lead to undue back strain and twisting.

Backpacks should be carried using both straps, so weight is distributed evenly.

Use your legs! Bend your knees when lifting cases on and off, and don’t pull with your arms or back.

Ask for help, especially if having to lift above your head. Don’t stress your body.

Start your journey rested. Accidents and injuries can result from tiredness. Get a good night’s sleep before travelling and keep mindful of your actions.

Take a walk in planes and trains – it will reduce pressure on your spine and increase blood flow in your legs.

Don’t drive for too long. Schedule plenty of breaks and give yourself time to travel in a relaxed fashion.


Follow these tips to stay safe before you head off on holiday and we hope you have a safe and happy time!

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