Preparing for Halloween is challenging enough for most parents, with or without back and neck problems; superhuman will power is needed to walk past the tempting gargantuan bags of Halloween treats in the shops.  Not to mention trying to find the perfect outfit for your ‘little monsters’, the biggest pumpkins and the late night hikes ’round the neighbours for more goodies!

Is anticipating Halloween scaring you?

How will you ever cope without triggering your back pain? Fear not! With some simple spine-saving ‘tricks’ Halloween may feel more of a ‘treat!’

  •  Plan ahead: Leaving everything to the last minute causes more stress and tension. Take time to jot ideas down or any shopping you may need, then schedule a day or two to put your plans into action.
  • Let your legs pick a pumpkin:  When you reach for that giant pumpkin squat down, use your legs and avoid twisting your spine as you stand up while holding it close to your body.
  • Make sure your costume is comfortable and not too heavy or restricting. Wear well fitting shoes with good grips for those long treks trick-or-treating!
  • Avoid decorating acrobatics: Don’t climb on ladders, and avoid twisting, over-reaching and hopping around to get those ghosts, spiders and sticky webs into just the right spots. Get help from your ‘little monsters’ – it’s more fun and gets the job done quicker.
  • Keep kids off your back: Don’t put pressure on your spine by propping your little one on your shoulders while trick or treating.  Plan a manageable route so your little Dracula or Wicked Witch doesn’t fade out a mile away from home, leaving you no choice but to put three stones of grumpy ghost and their bucket of treats on your already screaming spine!
  • If you’re planning a scary film marathon, make sure you don’t stay slumped on the sofa for hours at a time; get up, walk around and have a stretch between movies and murders!

Keep to these simple tips and your Halloween shouldn’t be too scary!

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