As autumn draws on and a new school school year starts, here are some tips to help your child. I am passionate about exercise and sitting well so please do contact me if you would like any advice about how best to help your child’s posture, sitting at a desk or chair.  Nagging them to sit up straight mostly makes things worse!

1. Sleep – make sure your children go to bed early enough to get plenty of quality sleep.  Switch off all TV, computer, games consoles, and mobile devices at least half an hour before sleep time. The light from screens can disrupt melatonin, the body’s sleep chemical.

2. Breakfast –  A good portion sets you up for the day. Serve quality, energy-sustaining foods such as eggs, or cereals like porridge or muesli with yoghurt and fruit.  Avoid sugar and sugar-coated cereals – it gives short-lived energy and is known to suppress the immune system; some sugars are even toxic!

3. Use a rucksack, even for light loads – make sure that they use BOTH straps and adjust them to hold the bag close to the back, ensuring the weight is evenly distributed.

4. Keep it light – Do a bag clear out every day so that only the essentials are carried.

5. Exercise – Lack of exercise is your child’s worst enemy! Get them to have a good run about after school, especially if they have not had P.E. that day.

6. Footwear –  Get some well fitting shoes; supportive, soft-soled ones with a good grip will help them to carry a heavy school bag.

7. Computer Posture – Make sure your child is sitting up properly, with supportive spine, and the desk at the correct height or use a foot rest to raise their feet.

8. Time on Computers and TV should be limited after school, to periods of no more than 30-40 minutes.

9. Move about –  After this short period at a computer or TV get them to move, run about and do something else.

10. iPads – Please, please don’t you or your child sit slouching on the sofa or lying on the bed too long glued to the tablet.

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