The rise of iPosture

Excessive use of electronic devices and constant sitting can leave us looking down for hours and this causes an increase in posture related problems.

Current research released during The Chiropractic Awareness Week in April generated huge interest from national and local papers, as well as radio stations including BBC Three Counties. The media have reported on the rapid rise in neck and back pain complaints due to modern sedentary lifestyles.


Worryingly, the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has found that 45% of 16-24yr olds have neck or back pain compared with 28% last year. Unfortunately, unless we monitor our usage, these problems are only going to get worse.

Exercise and Movement is Paramount!

Sitting causes twice as much strain on the back than standing, so do your body a favour and prevent further problems later in life by reducing the amount you spend hunched over your phone, tablet or computer. Stop sitting, go for walk, get some exercise – your body isn’t designed to be dormant.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Have a break every 20 minutes
  • Change your posture
  • Keep the device at eye level
  • Keep Hydrated – drink plenty of water!
  • Limit your time on e-devices

The importance of the workstation

As a Chiropractor and Alexander Technique instructor, I’m very keen on clients having good workstations and postural habits when it comes to the use of electronics, so please call if you have any questions or would like advice.

Back Pain GardeningDon't HIT the gardening!
Stand to be healthy

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