Exercise and stress on the body

If you are a sports person, enjoy working out or go for the occasional run it is highly likely that you have suffered from at least one, if not more, of the following conditions at one time or another: muscle strains, ligament sprains, tendinitis, bursitis, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, frozen shoulder, back pain and neck pain.

Whether you are an amateur or pro athlete, your body goes through the same stresses which may leave you prone to injury. As a result, the body may become imbalanced as it places additional stress on uninjured areas. This may explain why pain and discomfort is felt in areas of the body which were thought to be fit and healthy.

Chiropractic to treat sports injuries

Chiropractic treatment aims to restore good ranges of joint motion, joint flexibility, muscle function, control and co-ordination, as well as to assist the development and maintenance of muscle strength. It can also be of enormous benefit in treating and preventing further sports associated injuries, thus improving athletic performance.

However, you don’t have to be injured to benefit from massage or chiropractic treatment. Performers of any sporting level can benefit from sports specific massage and manipulation at any stage of their participation. Massage also works well for the actual prevention of an injury. Once things have gone wrong and an injury has happened, massage can really get things moving again and help you get back to achieving your best.

Whether you’re thinking of hitting the gym in the New Year or you’re already a keen exerciser, why not pop in and see if Jeremy can help accelerate your path to fit, healthy and pain free exercise.

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